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Get relief at the dentist with snoring and sleep apnea treatment in Clarksburg, WV

Snoring and sleep apnea can make it impossible to get a good night’s rest, and the interruption to your sleep can have wide-ranging consequences on your health. The dental team at All Smiles Dental in Clarksburg, WV, offers effective treatments designed to open your airway to prevent snoring and sleep apnea issues so you can get the rest you need without a CPAP machine.

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The link between your oral health and airway

Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea are both caused when the muscles in your throat relax and restrict the airflow. With sleep apnea, your throat becomes totally restricted, and you stop breathing briefly. Meanwhile, snoring reduces the airflow and causes the soft tissues in your throat to flap. Both can interrupt your sleep cycle and reduce the amount of oxygen that gets to your blood. Snoring and sleep apnea are associated with a wide range of health conditions, including hypertension, anxiety, and depression. Many people with these conditions can go for years without knowing it but may wake up feeling tired or suffer from frequent headaches and bad moods.

Issues with your oral health such as tooth decay, missing teeth, and malocclusion can restrict your airway when you fall asleepeach night. This can greatly increase your risk of snoring and sleep apnea. While treating these issues can help, your dentist can craft a custom-fitted oral appliance to provide immediate relief for your symptoms.

Using a mouthpiece for snoring and sleep apnea

While there are over the counter devices to help with snoring and mild sleep apnea, they have mixed results and don’t last as long. Your dentist can craft a custom-fitted nightguard that is more comfortable to use and more effectively keeps your jaw in position. The mouthguard fits around your teeth and works by pushing your tongue up and your jaw forward so your airway can remain open while you sleep. It further encourages you to breathe through your nose to take in oxygen and reduce moisture loss more effectively. After a few days of sleeping with your mouthguard, you will feel more rested each morning, and issues such as dry mouth, sore throat, and headaches can improve significantly.

While the mouthguard helps improve the symptoms, it doesn’t always address the root cause of your snoring and sleep apnea. Your dentist may recommend treatment for damaged or missing teeth, as well as orthodontics to improve your resting oral posture and exercises to strengthen the muscles in your face and throat. Your health care provider can also make recommendations, such as changes to your diet and exercise routines, to reduce your risk for snoring and sleep apnea. To learn more about how we can help, contact our office in Clarksburg, WV, today at (304) 635-5454 to schedule a consultation.